Songs of Experience (Deluxe Edition) - U2
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2017-12-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 18

Songs of Experience (Deluxe Edition)


U2 is rock band from Ireland which formed in 1976 in Dublin, Ireland. Since the band’s formation, they have consisted of Bono (real name Paul Hewson) (vocals, guitar, harmonica), The Edge (real name David Evans) (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Adam Clayton (bass) and Larry Mullen, Jr. (drums, percussion). The band is the biggest selling alternative rock act of all time, having sold 150 million albums worldwide as of 2008. They have won 22 Grammys and were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2005. As of 2009, they have released 12 albums and 58 singles. Foundation: The band originally formed in 1976 when Larry Mullen posted a bulletin in his school asking for musicians to form a rock band. The band then consisted of the four current members plus three additional guitarists, including The Edge’s brother Dick Evans (later a member of Virgin Prunes), Ivan McCormick and Peter Martin. According to legend, Bono originally auditioned as a guitarist but couldn’t play. He auditioned as lead vocals, but really couldn’t sing. He was, however, incredibly enthusiastic about the band, extremely charismatic, a great writer, and was strangely able to reach the audience when the band played, something he is known for still today. Bono will reach out into the crowd and dance or mess with someone in the crowd at every concert. He was kept as a member. The extra guitarists would soon leave the band and the group would go through the names “Feedback ” and “The Hype” before finally settling on U2. The 70s & 80s: 1978 was a jumping point year for the band, finally finding their sound / voice. U2 won a talent contest in 1978: £500 and funds to make a record. Paul McGuinness became the band’s manager and U2 released an EP called Three and the single Another Day, the following year. U2 went on to release their first album, Boy and then more critically acclaimed albums incl.: October, War, Under A Blood Red Sky, and The Unforgettable Fire (featuring the song PlayMLK dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr). Seen by many as a political band with more charisma than others, they were called “a different kind” of band. After a short break U2 returned with The Joshua Tree & the USA music inspired Rattle And Hum (also a movie of the same name, based on the tour). The 90s: Promising ”to dream it all up again”, they added industrial and dance styles to their music. Trying to drop a goody two shoes image, they went to Berlin (Germany), supposedly to develop new self-expressions. From there they started to make fun of themselves and had a good time of it in albums like Achtung Baby (meaning ”watch out, baby”, artwork feat. make-up artist Nassim Khalifa) & Zooropa. Bono took on many stage personae such as “The Fly”, “Mirrorball Man” and “Mr. MacPhisto” for the gigantic ZOO TV Tour. Later they continued to make fun of Pop culture and all its extremes with the album Pop and consequent PopMart tour which was announced to be launched at a Kmart store and included a giant golden arch across the stage. The 00s: At the end of the 90’s into 00’s U2 became less image and more reality. With the death of Bono’s good friend Michael Hutchence, the lead singer of INXS, Bono wrote more songs from the heart surrounding ideas like life and death, children, hope, and the real world past all the pop culture and TV. Some say they’ve returned to a more band-centric sound with albums like All That You Can’t Leave Behind which features a song, Kite, dedicated to Bono’s father who passed away shortly after the album’s conception and 2004’s How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. The 10s: U2 went on the U2 360° Tour in 2009 and 2010. This tour set records for the highest-grossing concert tour. The group is currently working on an upcoming album produced by Danger Mouse. The Name: There are many theories as to the origin of the name U2. For example, U2 was an intelligence airplane that was in use by the United States during the Cold War. Other obvious candidates include “You too” and “You two”, etc. Nonetheless the official line on the name’s origins remains unknown. The band has been quoted as saying that they did think of the U2 spy plane, but remain hushed about other reasons… U2 Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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  • Propaganda Piece for Forced Equity

    By a.trane.blues
    New U2 album is pure unabashed Leftist dribble from a tax dodger worth over a half-billion dollars whose starting ticket prices for the nose bleed section are $375.00. It is a preachy reflection of the socialist grip on the current world order that is corrupting man's heart and mind & destroying the individual soul. It sounds like an old fogey trying to stay relevent with the millennial generation for more sales. Ridiculous sham and inauthentic! Free your minds from the current world malaise & Leftist lies that this album continues to spread. It is a mockery of individualism. Propaganda piece for the false promise of Forced Equity, which is unAmerican, anti-indivualism & a lie. Remember what actually happened to sailors who fell prey to the Siren's call.... Saw U2 multiple times in 1983, 1987, 2001 & 2005 - With this album they do a diservice to the God they claim to follow! The theoretical Virtues and Free Will are further lost in the destruction of the individual soul!
  • Song for song one of the best U2 records ever

    By daviebluff
    I know the haters are out there. Used to be U2 could do no wrong with these folks; now they can do no right. But if you let go of your preconceived ideas of who you think U2 ought to be and what you think they ought to sound like, and just listen to this record for what it is... what it is is brilliant! "Summer of Love," "Get Out of Your Own Way," "Red Flag Day," "Lights of Home" are strong cuts, destined to be regarded as classics alongside the best of the band's earlier material. I've had it on repeat for weeks now and it gets better with every listen.
  • Songs of Experince

    By Ggthecrazed
    Amazing ❤️❤️❤️
  • Better than their last two!

    This is growing on me, I think it is a good CD ( I could do without the spoken word rap, however)
  • They Still Got It!

    By satch_boogie
    Such a great album, top to bottom. First listen, I thought it was really good, but second time through, I absolutely love this album. You could insert every song from this album into almost any previous U2 album from its first 10 years and it wouldn’t be out of place. Bravo!
  • Nice but...

    By Celticsalmon
  • Absolutely Amazing

    By MajinNina
    This album is absolutely completely amazing, and it’s one of their best. So much love for it
  • Dr.

    By Dr.Kimosabe
    Arguabley the best relavant Band from the 80's who have adjusted to the times through creative talent. Real people who know what real peopel want. Buy this album. You won't regret it
  • Biggest album from u2 since AB

    By Starsgap
    Loved the songs and the lyrics...if you don't get lost in the song's melody... I listened to the album for the love of the band and this album genuinely made me happy !!!
  • Great Album

    By NaderPasdar
    Like most, I have been totally tired of U2 after beeing a big fan for over 20 years. Having said that this album radomly and slowly (after I fell in love with one song) has been growing on me in totality. I love Love is All we Have Left, Summer of Love, Blackout and the rest. It really is a nice album. Give it a chance. Like most albums it requires a few listens. It will grow on you. Enjoy.